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Comfortable Extractions for Kids

If your child needs a tooth removed, Pass Pediatric Dental provides the comfortable dental care your child needs.


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Extracting a tooth is always a last resort here at The Pass Pediatric Dental Group; however, some circumstances may require the removal of a tooth to protect surrounding teeth and maintain your child’s oral health.

An extraction might feel like a scary procedure for your son or daughter, but you can rest assured that Pass Pediatric Dental has handled many dental extractions and she’s well equipped to keep your child comfortable throughout the process. Your Beaumont pediatric dentist also offers options for dental sedation that can help anxious patients feel more at ease during their procedure.

When Does My Child Need a Dental Extraction?

There are various situations in which an extraction is the best option such as:

  • Severe tooth decay that is bigger than what a dental filling or crown can repair
  • Advanced periodontal disease that has caused an infection
  • A fractured or broken tooth
  • Preparation for orthodontic treatment
  • A tooth affected by trauma or an accident

Pass Pediatric Dental will assess your child’s needs and only recommend an extraction if it’s absolutely necessary.

Keeping Your Child Comfortable During an Extraction

Pass Pediatric Dental will use local anesthesia during your daughter or son’s procedure to ensure that the area surrounding the tooth is completely numb. During their extraction, they should only feel slight pressure.

For children who feel anxious about their procedure, we offer different levels of dental sedation that Pass Pediatric Dental is happy to discuss with you before treatment. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, can help to make them comfortable, while we also offer deeper relaxation if your child is having multiple teeth removed, has special needs, or suffers from anxiety.

Extraction Aftercare

Pass Pediatric Dental will give you specific instructions on how to make your child comfortable after their extraction over the next few days. However, it is normal for them to feel some tenderness and have slight bleeding right after their procedure. You can give them medication for pain as needed, and you should contact Pass Pediatric Dental if the bleeding and pain persist beyond the first day or so.

You can begin to use a warm saltwater rinse 24 hours after their extraction. A saltwater rinse helps to soothe and clean the extraction site. Combine 8 oz of warm water with a teaspoon of salt to make your saltwater rinse.

Serve children soft foods for the first couple of days and avoid food that is too hot or cold as they may be more sensitive to temperature during the healing process.

Help them gently brush their other teeth, being careful not to irritate the extraction site.

If you have any questions or concerns after your child’s procedure, never hesitate to contact your team at The Pass Pediatric Dental Group.

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What Our Patients Say

As a child I had a horrible experience with a dentist and that experience has made me terrified of any dental exams or dental work. I did not want my children to ever feel scared of the dentist. It was one of the most important goals for me, as a mom, to find a dentist my kids love. And with PASS pediatric dentistry we did. I have taken my kids to her for over 7 years and they LOVE her and the entire staff. My children look forward to their check ups. Any dental work they need, they are NEVER afraid or worried. The Dr. is so patient and kind. The staff is always happy and interact with kids. Her office is SO inviting and fun. Furthermore, the office is ALWAYS spotlessly clean. Being the “germaphobe” I am, it is super important that I take my kids to a safe clean dentist. PASS pediatric dentistry always sparkles. So blessed to have them for my kids dental needs.

Jessica BaconMom of Allie 12 and Ace & Jack 9