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We Take Every Precaution for Your Child

Silver Diamine Fluoride can be a helpful option if your little one is not ready for a dental procedure.


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Tooth-Colored Fillings

While our goal at The Pass Pediatric Dental Group is to help your child avoid cavities, most children need to have a dental filling placed at some point. While we do still offer metal amalgam fillings, now we’re also able to restore your child’s tooth back to health with a modern composite resin filling, which also provides the best aesthetics available.

When Does My Child Need a Dental Filling?

If your little one’s tooth enamel becomes compromised by the acids and bacteria that cause decay, the decay will need to be removed, which leaves a hole, called a cavity, in your daughter or son’s tooth. Filling the hole left by decay will protect the integrity of their natural tooth structure and provide full function when they’re eating and chewing. Eliminating tooth decay at this stage is much easier than when it has progressed into the pulp of the tooth.

The Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Using composite resin for tooth-colored fillings provides durability and aesthetics. They are a more conservative choice for a dental filling because they preserve more natural tooth structure than metal fillings. If your son or daughter has a cavity on a permanent tooth, a tooth-colored filling has the potential to last for many years with a good home care routine and regular dental checkups.

What Is the Process Like When My Child Gets a Dental Filling?

Getting a dental filling is a reasonably simple process for your little one, and The Pass Pediatric Dental Group can typically complete it during one appointment.

The Pass Pediatric Dental Group will use a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth, which ensures that your son or daughter does not feel anything during the procedure. Once the tooth is completely numb, she’ll remove the decayed area of the tooth and make sure it is completely clean and free of tooth decay.

Then she will custom blend composite resin to match your child’s tooth and place it into the open space left by the tooth decay. A special light is used to cure and harden the composite material, and then The Pass Pediatric Dental Group will smooth the filling and ensure that your child’s bite is functioning accurately.

Now the procedure is done, and your little one’s tooth is healthy once again! They should be able to return to normal activities right away and eat as soon as the anesthetic wears off.

Contact Our Dental Office

If you have questions or concerns about dental fillings, your child’s procedure, or if your little one is feeling anxious about their treatment, please contact The Pass Pediatric Dental Group. The Pass Pediatric Dental Group is happy to discuss options for dental sedation if your child is feeling fearful about their treatment.

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What Our Patients Say

As a child I had a horrible experience with a dentist and that experience has made me terrified of any dental exams or dental work. I did not want my children to ever feel scared of the dentist. It was one of the most important goals for me, as a mom, to find a dentist my kids love. And with PASS pediatric dentistry we did. I have taken my kids to her for over 7 years and they LOVE her and the entire staff. My children look forward to their check ups. Any dental work they need, they are NEVER afraid or worried. The Dr. is so patient and kind. The staff is always happy and interact with kids. Her office is SO inviting and fun. Furthermore, the office is ALWAYS spotlessly clean. Being the “germaphobe” I am, it is super important that I take my kids to a safe clean dentist. PASS pediatric dentistry always sparkles. So blessed to have them for my kids dental needs.

Jessica BaconMom of Allie 12 and Ace & Jack 9