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Patient Testimonials

Want to see what other patients have experienced at The Pass Pediatric Dental Group? Check out or testimonials!

As a child I had a horrible experience with a dentist and that experience has made me terrified of any dental exams or dental work. I did not want my children to ever feel scared of the dentist. It was one of the most important goals for me, as a mom, to find a dentist my kids love. And with PASS pediatric dentistry we did. I have taken my kids to her for over 7 years and they LOVE her and the entire staff. My children look forward to their check ups. Any dental work they need, they are NEVER afraid or worried. The Dr. is so patient and kind. The staff is always happy and interact with kids. Her office is SO inviting and fun. Furthermore, the office is ALWAYS spotlessly clean. Being the “germaphobe” I am, it is super important that I take my kids to a safe clean dentist. PASS pediatric dentistry always sparkles. So blessed to have them for my kids dental needs.

Jessica Bacon Mom of Allie 12 and Ace & Jack 9The staff is always happy and interact with kids

My 3, 9, and 11 year old have been tremendously blessed by the staff at The Pass Pediatric Dental office! The Dr. is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but she is caring and compassionate to all of her patients. My kids have learned how to properly take care of their teeth because they would never want to let the Dr. down! Thank you to the entire staff for demonstrating top notch care towards your patients! My kids adore you all!

The Bowen FamilyMy kids adore you all!

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