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We Treat Dental Emergencies Fast

If your child damages a tooth or has pain, don’t delay! We treat children’s dental emergencies fast – usually on the same day.


Don’t Let Dental Pain Keep Your Child Awake

Emergency Services

As a parent, there is nothing more frightening than when your child is sick or suffering from pain. Dental emergencies are no exception. They happen at inconvenient times and can feel very stressful.

At The Pass Pediatric Dental Group, we understand how important it is for your child to have prompt dental care during an emergency situation, so we strive to see all emergency patients the same day if possible. If your little one’s condition occurs after hours, we have a 24-hour emergency line that you can contact for help.

When you understand how to handle common dental emergencies, the situation won’t feel as overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips.

A Painful Toothache

Most toothaches are caused by decay inside the tooth or nerve; however, sometimes your son or daughter may have something lodged around their tooth that is causing them pain. Try to remove anything that might be stuck with gentle flossing and brushing around the area. If their discomfort doesn’t go away, contact your emergency pediatric dentist in Beaumont right away.

A Broken or Fractured Tooth

If your child’s tooth breaks, bring the pieces of it to Pass Pediatric Dental as soon as possible so she can determine the right treatment for them. A fractured tooth can cause sensitivity or discomfort for your little one so don’t hesitate to call us even if the fracture seems small.

A Knocked-Out Primary (Baby) Tooth

If your son or daughter has a baby tooth that gets knocked out, it’s a good idea to have Pass Pediatric Dental take a look as soon as possible. She may recommend an x-ray to ensure there is no damage to the adult tooth underneath the gum. She will also assess the situation to determine if treatment is needed.

A Knocked-Out Permanent Tooth

Address this situation as soon as possible as the window for saving a permanent tooth after an accident is very short. Contact The Pass Pediatric Dental Group right away and carefully transport the tooth without handling it too much. If your child can place it back into its socket and hold it there with their tongue, this is the best way to transport it. If not, use milk to keep the cells alive and moist until you get to our office.

Helpful Tips for Avoiding Dental Emergencies

Did you know that you can avoid many dental emergencies? It’s true! Some tips for preventing emergency situations are:

  • Ensure that your child is visiting the dentist every six months for cleanings and checkups and be proactive about any treatment needed to avoid painful toothaches.
  • If your son or daughter participates in sports, be sure they have the right mouthguard since almost half of dental emergencies are sports related.
  • Don’t let your little one bite or chew on anything other than food, such as fingernails, pencils, or ice.

Contact The Pass Pediatric Dental Group at 951-849-6655 if you have questions or think your child may be experiencing a dental emergency.

Making an appointment is fast and convenient.

What Our Patients Say

As a child I had a horrible experience with a dentist and that experience has made me terrified of any dental exams or dental work. I did not want my children to ever feel scared of the dentist. It was one of the most important goals for me, as a mom, to find a dentist my kids love. And with PASS pediatric dentistry we did. I have taken my kids to her for over 7 years and they LOVE her and the entire staff. My children look forward to their check ups. Any dental work they need, they are NEVER afraid or worried. The Dr. is so patient and kind. The staff is always happy and interact with kids. Her office is SO inviting and fun. Furthermore, the office is ALWAYS spotlessly clean. Being the “germaphobe” I am, it is super important that I take my kids to a safe clean dentist. PASS pediatric dentistry always sparkles. So blessed to have them for my kids dental needs.

Jessica BaconMom of Allie 12 and Ace & Jack 9